"Why Business Needs A Web Analytics Methodology"

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to give businesses and website owners an understanding of how people interact with their site. Generally, the two different types of data that are collected by Google Analytics are broken down into “before the click” (referring site, search engine, and keyword searched) and “after the click” (landing page, content accessed, and whether they purchased.)

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It’s often been said that the reason Google introduced Analytics, a product launched fairly quickly after they acquired Urchin Software in 2005, was to show webmasters how traffic from AdWords behaved on a site. By opening up data and giving more information to website owners about what happens on their sites, they can more effectively understand how that traffic is behaving. And if they find that the traffic is converting – that is, users purchase, or signup for services, or submit contact forms for quotes – advertisers are able to establish a Return On Investment (ROI) and, Google hopes, increase the amount of advertising that they’re doing.

All well and good, but remember that we’re only dealing with the basics. We know that users from a certain referring site are more likely to purchase; we know that the site gets most traffic on a Thursday; we know that a certain type of content gets much more buzz and much more traffic than other types of content. What do we do with this information and how can we make it work in a business environment?

Tough questions, made tougher by the fact that Google Analytics is a relatively new product as far as Business Intelligence is concerned. Many senior members of an organisation, that often tend not to be terribly web-savvy, have difficulty understanding the level of information available, and how they can pump the knowledge back into the organization. Often, the job falls to the Web Analyst or other Analytics Specialist to interpret the data and make the right people aware of the right information. This is not an easy task!

This is where Data Runs Deep comes in. Data Runs Deep is a Web Analytics Methodology built out of the need to create a structured approach to the way that web analytics data is collected and shared. It starts with the tenet that the important data already exists with the organisation – somewhere. By starting out with identification of the processes required, Data Runs Deep works as a web analytics training framework to help guide businesses to understand, embrace and use the data that lies at the heart of their organisation.

The need for a structured approach to web analytics consulting is increasingly necessary as the industry matures, and as business owners expect more. The Data Runs Deep methodology is offered as both a Google Analytics Training course or offered as in-house Google Analytics Training for businesses. To find out more, head on over to http://www.datarunsdeep.com.

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